Five Ways Pilates is Good For You

If you have never done it, you are probably one of the many people wondering what Pilates is all about! Five ways Pilates is good for you are listed below. Almost anybody of any age can benefit from this form of exercise conceived in the 1920s. Practicing Pilates boosts general health,…

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If you have never done it, you are probably one of the many people wondering what Pilates is all about! Five ways Pilates is good for you are listed below. Almost anybody of any age can benefit from this form of exercise conceived in the 1920s.

Practicing Pilates boosts general health, makes you stronger and has a positive impact on sporting performance.  It is important to keep an eye on spinal mobility as well as core strength throughout life.  You can expect many aches and pains to be improved with exercise.  Pilates is a brilliant way to build great strength in a controlled manner.

Here we discuss five ways Pilates is good for you and how it can improve your life! 

1.Core Strength is Essential

Daily life is hectic.  We constantly place physical demands on our bodies.  Having a strong core to support and protect our spine, well it’s a really good idea!  Your core is the central part of your body. Don’t confuse your core as being just the abdominal muscles.  It is also the parts deep inside that connect to the pelvis, spine and torso.

If your deep core is weak it can result in an increased stress to the spine and other important structures. Nobody wants to end up with pain or discomfort in this part of the body. Living life pain free means you can chase your grandchild in the park, go on your skiing holiday or play a full on game of football.  Practice Pilates to improve your core strength and your spine will carry you through all the demands of your busy life.

2.Pilates is Fun

No two workouts are the same in Pilates.  You’ll find unique equipment and a fab atmosphere to fill you full of energy. At a Pilates class, each instructor will bring their own unique twist to the exercises. This keeps you on your toes – figuratively speaking – most of the time!

Depending on your ability and your goals you can end up using resistance bands, magic circles, exercise balls or hand weights to challenge your strength.  Small class sizes or one to one sessions allow your instructor to really get to know you and your body. Any weaknesses in your body will addressed specifically. Pilates is a personal experience.

3.Reduce Common Aches and Pains

It is quite normal to have low level aches and pains. When you think about the strain your body takes every day, this makes sense.  As we get older we rely more on having muscle strength to support us. The deep core muscles need to be active to protect and stabilise the body and to prevent injury linked to ageing.

Practicing Pilates can strengthen your body to carry you through daily activities.  You can avoid common issues such as decreased spinal mobility, losing balance and back ache. Taking up Pilates really is a one stop shop for anybody who wants to stay strong and supple. This applies at any age.

4.Good Posture

Developing and maintaining good posture throughout your lifetime is an investment and a skill.  The natural and optimal position of your spine comes under attack from daily life and ageing.  To maintain it you need to keep your deep core muscles in shape.  Pilates will help increase the strength of your abdominals and pelvic floor.

The optimal, or neutral position of the spine reduces stress on your important joints and other muscles.  This will increase sporting performace, reduce the likelihood of injury and help maintain mobility and daily function. As we get older this can ensure independence for longer plus confidence to continue the lifestyle you love.

5.Set Your Level

Pilates classes are tailored to personal requirements. As a beginner you will focus on understanding and maintaining core control through basic patterns of movement.  There will be a focus on activating your core and on breathing techniques.

As you become more experienced your Pilates instructor will challenge you in interesting and fun ways to get  you working!  You will experience progression towards your goals. These could be improving performance at a certain sport or simply allowing you to complete your day with less pain or stiffness.

A good Pilates instructor will work with you to apply the principals tailored to your precise requirements. At True Physio our Pilates instructor is a qualified physiotherapist.  Tess understands how the body moves and carries load.  Whatever your aches and pains, sporting interest or stage of life you can benefit from Pilates.

To Sum Up Five ways Pilates is Good for you:

>It can help core strength
>It’s fun to do Pilates
>Aches and pain can be reduced
>Good posture is given a boost
>It’s tailored to your ability

Tess is based at our Lancaster clinic. Details of the Lancaster Physiotherapy clinic can be found online here.  For private Pilates sessions please call us on 01524 874649 or email us:

Highly experienced professionals with physiotherapy qualifications deliver the Pilates classes at True Physio.  The NHS points out that anybody can call themselves a Pilates teacher. Put the effort into finding an experienced instructor who has the skills to help you reach your goals.

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