Workstation Assessments

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What is a workstation assessment?

Also known as Desk assessments or Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments, Workstation assessments benefit anyone who feels that their set up at work is contributing to pain, usually in their neck, lower back or wrist.

The aim of the assessment is to identify improvements that can be made to the set up of the work environment, as well as how the equipment is used.  Many of these improvements will be made at the time of the assessment, and others may require new equipment to be ordered, but the overall aim is for the set up to be more comfortable and put less strain on the body than previously.

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Get your desk assessed

We offer detailed assessments carried out by Physiotherapists trained specifically in occupational health.  They are available to individuals and organisations of any size.

Most companies who we have worked with have been reluctant to arrange assessments as they believe that large amounts of expensive equipment will be recommended. This is not the case.  Whilst we will sometimes recommend alternative seating or other equipment, often a lot of the recommendations centre around how the user interacts with their workstation and alterations that can be made to the existing equipment.

We can usually arrange an assessment within 7 days and appointments can be booked for individuals or groups.  Group bookings will receive a discount.

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