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True Physio was founded to help people fight pain and get back to doing the things they love by providing the highest quality

Physiotherapy, Massage and Chiropody.



and Chiropody.


Over our many years of experience, we have grown to understand that whilst our patients want to be rid of their pain, their real goal is much more personal and it means the world to them.  We understand that you’re not just coming for an appointment, you’re investing your time, money and total trust in us to help you reach your goals, and we take that VERY seriously.

The company was born out of a commitment from the founders to provide Physiotherapy “properly” as they would put it, putting their customers and staff first.  From the beginning, the conversations were about how we could provide Physiotherapy, Massage and Foot care at exceptional levels of both clinical care and customer service to make sure that every single patient gains maximum benefit from their treatment.

In your first session, we will spend time finding out exactly what your goal is and working out how we can work with you to reach that.  We love that we get to be the ones to help you to your goals so we build everything around that.

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Our clinics are deliberately a little different inside to most clinics.  You will find friendly, and knowledgeable staff, state of the art teaching aids, and clean, comfortable fittings that meet all the necessary clinical standards. Pain and injury can be very unpleasant to experience, so we make it our mission to improve your condition from the moment you walk through the door.

When you are assessed by one of our clinicians, they will take the time to listen and understand your condition, and exactly how it affects you. They will do a detailed assessment and explain to you the nature of the problem you have, before developing a treatment plan incorporating the latest clinical evidence alongside your own personal requirements.

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