Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

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If it hurts, we can help

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, which is what True Physio specialises in, is treatment that aims to improve joint and muscle function and treat pain.  In short, if you have pain from headaches to toe pain, then it is likely something that Physiotherapy can help to improve. Physiotherapy can treat problems with joints, muscles, ligaments and the nervous system.

Sports Therapy is a newer profession and also aims to reduce pain with treatments to the musculoskeletal system.

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What happens when I see a Therapist at True Physio?

Firstly, your Therapist will carry out a detailed assessment to understand your problem and how it’s affecting you.  We will ask you lots of questions about your pain, like how it started and when it hurts the most.  And we will ask what it’s stopping you from doing and how it’s impacting on your life.

This information will give us a really good idea of what the problem might be.  We will then do some tests like movements and pressing on certain structures to confirm our initial diagnosis, which we’ll then explain to you.

When we explain the diagnosis, we will make sure to do it in a way that you understand as we think it’s really important people know what’s causing the pain.  We often get patients telling us they feel better just because they know what the problem is.

Next up, we will start treatment with the most appropriate choice based on your diagnosis, our experience and your wishes. Our first goal is to get your pain under control as quickly as we can.

Then, we’ll most likely give you some exercises and advice on what you can be doing to help improve the problem.  We make sure this is realistic for your lifestyle and give you as few exercises to do as possible. We understand our patients are busy and so we make it as easy as possible to complete your part of the treatment plan.

Lastly, we’ll talk through roughly how long we feel the problem may take to improve and how many sessions it might require with us.

We’ll also talk through the 4 phases we will take you through to get your pain under control, then get you back to doing the things you want to do.  Then we work to get your body more able to tolerate what you’re asking of it so the pain doesn’t come back, and lastly make a plan for keeping you feeling great.

You’ll leave the session with a complete plan to resolve your pain

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Our Therapists

We have both Physiotherpists and Sports Therapists working with us to help our patients relieve their pain.

All our Physiotherapists are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) which is the minimum requirement for all Physios as “Physiotherapist” is a protected title.

Our Physios are also all members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).  This is not a requirement, but supports best practice and as such, we ensure that all our staff are members of the CSP.

All our Sports Therapists are registered with their professional bodies.  As part of their membership, Physios and Sports Therapists have to show they are carrying out Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to keep up to date with the most current evidence and treatment techniques.

Our recruitment and in-house training ensures that whoever you see, you will be in safe hands and they will be able to help you relieve your pain and feel great again.

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