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We’ve helped thousands of people to relieve their pain and get back to enjoying what they love with the help of our accredited physiotherapists at the True Physio clinics

We help people get their pain under control and get back to doing everything they love, and to stay pain-free!

We do that using our unique 4-stage pathway.

We do that using our unique 4-stage pathway.

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We help to get the pain under control and more manageable

Reducing the pain is most people’s primary goal, so we look to do this as quickly as possible. In this stage we use all kinds of hands-on treatments like joint mobilisations, massage, soft tissue techniques, electrotherapy, and acupuncture, alongside exercises and advice designed to get your pain under control quickly.
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We help you start to increase your activity back to normal

Getting the pain under control is one thing, but if you can’t do what you want and need to do, it’s not that helpful. In this stage, we work with you to safely get you back to everything you want and need to do, and make sure the pain doesn’t stop you doing anything anymore. This stage still involves lots of hands on treatments, alongside a lot of advice and education to help you return to normal activity quickly. There’s also a slight change in the exercises here to focus more on strengthening and less on pain-relief.
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We help you get more resilient so the injury or pain is less likely to return

This is the phase that often gets missed. By now you’re starting to feel quite normal. Your pain has reduced and you’re largely back to doing your normal things. However, at this point, you’re often basically where you were just before your pain came on originally. So, logically, it’s likely to come back. When you’ve just got back to feeling good, that’s so frustrating. So this stage helps you avoid that. By now, the hands on treatment is usually much less, and is replaced with guided exercises in with the aim of getting you stronger and more resilient. That way, your body is more able to cope with what you’re asking it to do each day, and therefore the pain is much less likely to come back
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We help you keep the pain away and feel better than ever

Not everyone needs this stage, but, unfortunately, some of our lives don’t allow for pain-free living. Endlessly sitting at a desk, or training really hard a lot of the time, mean that from time to time you’ll benefit from a massage, or maybe some pilates to keep you feeling great. Your Therapist will discuss whether they think you’d benefit from this stage when they’ve assessed you.
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343 / 345 Preston Old Road, Blackburn, BB2 5LJ
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true physio congleton
True Physio, Congleton Leisure Centre, Worrall Street, Congleton, CW12 1DT
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7 Mallard Court, Mallard Way, Crewe Business Park, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6ZQ
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1 George House, Princes Court, Beam Heath Way, Nantwich, Cheshire, CW5 6GD
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High Lodge, Gargrave Rd, Skipton BD23 1UD
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Occupational Health Unit, Northfield Center, Co-operative St, Stafford ST16 3DU
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Healthwork, Kingfisher House, 2 Waters Edge Business Park Rd, Campbell Road, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 4DB
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