Staying Active: Ideas From Your Best Local Physio

Best Local Physio Shares Ideas on Staying Active! In our quest to be your best local physio, there’s something we want to share with anybody over the age of 50. You already know that any doctor will give you the advice: stay active as you age.  We know this can…

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Best Local Physio Shares Ideas on Staying Active! In our quest to be your best local physio, there’s something we want to share with anybody over the age of 50. You already know that any doctor will give you the advice: stay active as you age.  We know this can sound daunting, especially if sports has not been a way of life for you so far.

There may be a number of reasons you aren’t doing any sport or keeping active. A top reason people cite is aches and pains. We wouldn’t be your best local physio if we didn’t tell you the truth about this. Staying active, in the vast majority of cases, is actually a great way to reduce these ailments.

For other people, getting active just seems too much of a tall order. An appointment with a physio could be a great way to start if you are unsure. If you have pain or discomfort that gets worse when you exercise, it could be a good idea to come and see us first.

The Very Best Advice

Yes we love getting patients through the door, but that doesn’t stop us from giving you the very best advice:  Keep active. We have taken a scout around and found some suitable activities. The pastimes below are suited to people who are either older, feel unfit or just want to stay active in a more gentle manner.

We have uncovered a load of ideas to help you get moving if you have passed the half century mark. Indeed you may be younger and just want to take it a bit easier!

The clubs and activities below are all based near one of our six clinics. The actual sessions, where listed, might not be on your own doorstep but if you fancy the sound of it, look for something similar nearer home. With most of these suggestions you’d also be out meeting new people and forming friendships, and who doesn’t need those human connections in their life?

On Your Toes with Balletlite

Alison told us about a class she runs on Friday mornings at Skipton Health and Fitness on Carleton Business Park. It is a ballet themed exercise class aimed at the more mature lady.  Even if you feel a bit unhealthy, or overweight, you are encouraged to try it. They say:

No ballet experience required.  An hour of toning, shaping and sculpting. An all over body workout. From beginner to advanced.

You will find more details here.

Get Toned With Tess

Exercise, and specifically Pilates, is great for you at any age, but as you get older, you start to lose muscle mass.  Finding a way to strengthen your muscles long term can ward off aches and pains.

With Pilates you don’t get thrown in at the deep end. Classes are likely to be smaller groups and your teacher will engage with you on a one to one level to challenge you and help you tone up little by little.

Pilates is growing as a trend with many A list aficionados, including Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet, taking part.  Tess at our Lancaster clinic can help you get into the practice that can impact everything from back ache to boosting your concentration. Drop her a line: or call 01524 874649.

active over 50 physio

Best Local Physio says “Go For Gold With Zumba”

If you always wanted to get down and groovy, it is not too late. Even if the fast pace and loud music of Zumba seems a bit much to cope with, do not despair. How about about Zumba for Goldies like you? Shake your booty, but a bit slower.

The details of a couple of classes that could help get you started have been kindly sent to us. Check out a list of Zumba classes local to our Skipton clinic here; Zumba Gold runs on Mondays.

SWAG in Sale

We couldn’t let this one pass us by. Even if you aren’t near Sale, as you get older walking should be on your list of priorities.  Close to our Sale clinic you will find The Sale Walking and Activities group.

The group’s comprehensive web site reveals joining them is a great way to keep active, make new friends and even have a weekend away. They regularly use YHA hostels and therefore it won’t cost you the earth to have a weekend away with them. They say:

Our Winter / Spring programme includes weekends away youth hostelling, Sunday walks, and a variety of social events such as meals out, theatre trips and pub nights.  Therefore new members can expect a warm welcome.

The club can also be tracked down on Facebook or email Post walk, if you feel achey, read about the benefits of massage here.

The Strengths of Tai Chi

If you live in or near Manchester you could check out the Tai Chi Centre. It’s just one of many hundreds around the UK so no matter where you live you probably won’t have to travel far.

Qigong and Tai Chi are ancient arts. They are recognised as beneficial practices across the globe. Age and your level of fitness is no barrier in these disciplines.  As you get older Tai Chi can help maintain your sense of balance, preserve your posture, reduce stress and loose weight. All of this can help add up to a good night’s sleep and lowered blood pressure.

The Grand Masters who teach claim the benefits are holistic and therefore extend to both body and mind. Why not seek out your local Tai Chi centre today and get moving, at a nice gentle pace, this very week? Below we tell you about a water based Tai Chi class.

Make a Splash

Swimming is a great sport and fabulous way to keep fit no matter what your age. Sometimes you might just need a little more motivation to actually turn up. Aqua fitness classes run at most local swimming pools. Do not worry about over exerting yourself, swimming is a brilliant way to start and set your own pace. You will not have to get to grips with gym equipment!

Near our Barnoldswick clinic, Pendle Leisure Centre have an impressive pool timetable including low impact aqua fitness pool-based tai chi:

Aqua Tai Chi is a gentle and enjoyable progressive exercise that is mindful and holistic. It’s suitable for all levels of fitness and you don’t have to be a swimmer. Slow, gentle movements can improve your balance and co-ordination,  strengthen your joints and boost your well-being.

The full timetable and more details about each class can be found  here.

Self Refer or See Your GP

The True Physio Whalley Clinic is on King Street. One of the patients told us about the Fitness For Life Scheme.

Run by the Active Team of Ribble Valley Borough Council. You will get 12 weeks support as a result expect to put a spring back in your step. They can help you start out or give you a dedicated instructor or a personalised programme.  This will be at a concessionary rate.

You are eligible for this scheme if you are, or have become inactive. Make use of the scheme to ease back into exercise because they offer everything from walking and swimming to use of the gym or group classes. Many local councils across the county run similar schemes. You can self refer yourself if you live in the Clitheroe area, find out how on the web page.

You can find your best local physio at one of our six clinics, click the tab at the top of this page for more information on our locations. Students can grab 10% discount on services all year round.

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